The NRPA envisions a Noordhoek where our neighbours show one another mutual care and support and are united under a common vision. Through the NRPA we hope to inspire more neighbourly acts in our valley to make Noordhoek a great place to live for everyone.

As part of Vision 2030 we ideated potential tools to support neighborhood creativity and growth.

Early Victories

  • Develop a Know Your Noordhoek Guide for residents
  • Develop a communication strategy for Noordhoek & Valley stakeholders
  • Create a Community multi-purpose centre
  • Form links with NGOs in Masi and OV and develop a mentorship platform to inspire and support residents who want to make a difference in their lives and within the area
  • From our shared values develop shared simple yet practical projects (social, environmental, sports etc)

Game Changers

  • Develop significant such as gap/social housing, social sport
  • Create opportunities for civic leadership

Here are some ideas as to how you could be a good neighbour

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in.
  • If you're planning a party, let your neighbours know – or better yet, invite them.
  • Park in your designated bay and ensure your visitors use demarkated visitors' parking. Do not block driveways.
  • Position noisy appliances away from common walls.
  • Keep the pavement outside your home neat and tidy.
  • Try to restrict noise activities such as hanging pictures and moving heavy furniture to daytime working hours.
  • Make sure someone with a key can be contacted if your burglar alarm is triggered while you're away, or that the alarm company can reset it.
  • Make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations of your building or complex regarding renovations, pets, noise, visitors and security.
  • Don’t honk your hooter – ever!
  • If you have children, understand that many of your neighbours don’t. If you don’t have children, understand that your neighbours’ children have a right to be there, and that they are, after all, children.
  • If a neighbour complains, try to see things from their perspective. Try not to escalate problems with a confrontational approach.
  • Respect your neighbours’ right to peace and enjoyment of their own property. Ask yourself if you are treating your neighbour the way that you would like to be treated.