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Noordhoek and horses are synonymous. This special connection influences the planning, environment and atmosphere of our area. There are bridle paths, horses crossing roads, show jumping and training grounds, horses galloping along our iconic beach and the list goes on. Our vision aims to ensure that horses will forever play a significant role in Noordhoek’s story through the following interventions:

Early Victories

  • Create rotational schedule for horse trails, routes and bridle paths through Wetland. Create a balance between environmental impact and horse culture.
  • Promote proper horse etiquette to visitors and residents. Ensure our horses have space on the road and keep the speed down.
  • Support and promote the horse economy. It’s a source of jobs and income to many.
  • Horse culture excellence. Set the standards and become the employer of choice for grooms and horse industry professionals.
  • Horses are a source of tourism to our area. Take advantage of this unique selling point of Noordhoek.
  • Support and promote the Horses for Healing programs being developed.
  • Support small business catering to the horse industry.

Game Changers

  • Environmental Impact Assessment conducted on the impact of horses to our environment and long term solutions created for a sustainable horse culture.
  • The horse & people connection: healing, rehabilitation, organisational training, cross community connection and activities.
  • The Noordhoek Indoor Horse Arena, a dream to create an indoor arena that will enable year round horse related events and further stimulate the horse culture and economy.