In 2017, The Hub was commissioned by the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA). After the successful conclusion of the Vision 2030 process, the NRPA recognised the need to ensure that the entire community not only understood Noordhoek’s Vision, but also implemented it into their daily lives.

The Objectives of the Hub:

  • Align the community, to one vision, and one direction
  • create a unique sense of identity, sense of belonging to Noordhoek
  • increase awareness of the vision, aware, remind, encourage (The vision)
  • show who is doing what, and where you can help
  • Help you find what you’re looking for
  • entice more people to participate, and to give meaningful contributions to community efforts; to split the load.
  • foster a culture of ‘good neighbours’; positive, caring and integrity
  • assist change maker groups to thrive, and to deliver on their objectives, by providing useful tools to manage their groups
  • help solve community problems

Reduce the burden, minimse the effort, by being efficient

The purpose of the Hub is to connect the residents and stakeholders in Noordhoek, to create an awareness of all activities throughout the community and to encourage the principles of the Noordhoek Vision.


The hub is managed through a joint effort … terms of which….

The Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA):

The Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) strives to protect Noordhoek and the interests of those lucky enough to reside here. The NRPA initiated the Vision 2030 process, and saw the need for a portal which showcases the vision, and connects all of the Noordhoek stakeholders. Together with the team at My Village World, The Noordhoek Community Hub was created

All ratepayers should be registered with the NRPA. Please ensure that you, or the ratepayer of your residence is registered.

Register Here:

The Hub Change Makers:

There is a team of volunteers who regularly get together to ensure that The Hub is being used and the community uptake is as active as possible. Through suggesting activities, posts, competition and events, their objective is to keep The Hub relevant.

See group here: The Hub Design Task Team
feel free to contact them with suigestions

My Village World:

My Village world provide two important functions:

  • Technical Support: Website implementation and Support, Website Updates, Data protection, Functionality, Design
  • Data Feeds: Business Directory, Change Maker Directory, Job feeds, Event Feeds

Creating a Group:

To start a group, email Admin Support. They will do the initial setup, and set you up as the Group Admin. You will then be able to manage all content for your group


Benefits & Outcomes
  1. property Values
  2. quality of life
  1. Participation
    1. bite size chunks
  2. Connecting with other communities