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Securing Your Home, and Your Community:

Category A: Roadside beams

Category B: Cameras

Category C: Safe Room

How best to secure your homes and yourself and why it's important to you and your safety.

What technology to use
Best Behaviours

How can you participate

Easily: Bins out in the morning, join NW, be vigilant and inform, secure your home

Safely: join community response team, radio, app, whatsapp group


Different way to participate and assist in ensuring preventative, and reactions

Your Community Structure:

Neighbourhood watches:

DASGRO,, area,approach, website

SMNW, area, approach, website

CPNW: area, approach, website

Response Teams: How they operate
who they are

Your community Infrastructure:

In a nutshell

Camera's recognition,

Infra red,


Incidents, crime stats

Maps, dates, result, types


only details after incident is 'dead' and zero implications