2017 November
Straws Suck
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Straws Suck – A Single Use Plastic Alternatives Project (SUPA)

“A moment on the lips – a lifetime on the planet.”

Straws! That crazy, destructive invention habitually dished out in restaurants. Like other single use plastic items, straws are usually used only once, but live forever in wastefills. Straws, and other single use plastic items, are clogging our landfills and turning our oceans into plastic soup.

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The inside story of the Paris climate agreement
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What would you do if your job was to save the planet?

When Christiana Figueres was tapped by the UN to lead the Paris climate conference (COP 21) in December 2015, she reacted the way many people would: she thought it would be impossible to bring the leaders of 195 countries into agreement on how to slow climate change. Find out how she turned her skepticism into optimism — and helped the world achieve the most important climate agreement in history.

Watch this TED Talk here.