The Hub’s Docs Group Admin Guidelines

Setting up a ChangeMaker Group

Create a New Group:

  1. Join the hub
  2. Email and request that a placemaker group be created. Describe the objectives of the group, and how it is currently run or how it is intended to be run.
  3. Once approved, the site admin will make you the group admin


Become Admin to an existing Group:

  1. Join the hub
  2. Go to the desired group, and select “Join Group” on the cover image for the group
  3. Email and request that you become the admin person


Edit Your Group details:

Go to your group page, and select the “Manage” tab. You will not see this, if you are not the admin for the group.


Home Tab:

  • To edit, go to Manage >> Details
  • Update the details, and press ‘Save Changes’
  • To make something bold, <strong> before the words, and </strong> after the words e.g. <strong>Our Work:</strong>
  • To add three photos, go to Manage>>Customisations. At the bottom of the page you can load 3 images.

Images must be less than 1MB, and best dimensions is a width slightly more than the height (about 10%)

Cover image:

  • Go to Manage >> Cover image
  • Press ‘select your file’, and Choose your image. keep it less than 2MB. Less than 1 MB is best and 1920 px wide by 700 px tall

  Group Photo:

  • Go to Manage >> Photo
  • Select your image file
  • Ensure you select the part of the image you want, and press crop. This will save the image

Create News & Posts

  • Go to News Tab
  • Write away, add images
  • Make sure you select the category for your group
  • Set a featured image – this will feature in the news feeds
  • Switch off “Allow comments >> Yes”
  • Press post.


  • Go to Gallery Tab
  • Upload images/music/video
  • Go to options to create different albums


  • This is not yet active


  • Go to Docs tab
  • Select ‘Create new Doc’


  • Send emails to people that you’d like to support the group
  • They should select ‘join group’ on the cover image


  • This functionality is not yet active