The Hub’s Docs Vision and Plan for this site

This is a working document, for ideas for the development of The Hub.


  • Connect people to solve problems
  • Connect people to enjoy Noordhoek
  • Connect people to deliver the Communities vision, in the physical environment and emotional realm
  • Help to set the tone and culture for Noordhoek

It is absolutely essential that the following goals are achieved:

  1. The Hub remains fully inclusive – every voice is welcome.
  2. The tone is one of positive contribution, and together you can make a difference and shape a future
  3. 80% of Noordhoek community become registered on the site
  4. All community initiated activities and groups, that are for public interest or desire community support are communicated and managed through The Hub

To do and/consider:

  1. A shared community fund is developed. R200/year from each person in the community = R400 000 to R1 million a year to support community initiatives
  2. The following tools get added to a group
    1. Fundraising tool and management
    2. Task management tool (e.g. basecamp type thing)
    3. a survey tool
  3. Should forums be active for the site? for the group? or should this be a push platform, that simply stores information and updates people (i.e. admin from groups can post)
  4. how should the FB Noordhoek Community Forum link up with it?
  5. The essence of Noordhoek content; what does it include, and what does it exclude (like a brand value proposition) (include: horses, open spaces, safe, polite, slow down, exclude: develop the common, subdivide large plots, rezoning to commercial etc.)
  6. How should already formed groups be approached, and encouraged to use this platform instead of or in conjunction with their existing communication platforms
  7. The ability to invite others to join via email or facebook.
  8. A “Local Business Supplier” button where anyone who is local can provide their number for potential work and/or numbers names of companies that are frequently used in the valley.
  9. A primary news/information screen on main page.
  10. A “History/Maps/Info” main navigation menu.

Website promo items and content complete:

  1. Improve Community Operating model through design to include all elements:
  2. create emotive video content
  3. create emotive imagery to encourage participation
  4. create emotive blogs to encourage participation

The Launch and Registration:

  • Great news, is that Guy (from the Village Roast) is keen to have a screen up at the Village Roast, as a ‘registration’ point – I’m sure we could convince him to randomly award a free coffee after every 20 registrations of something. I will chat to him.
  • Forum activity
  • Competitions

User Roles:

  • Who can do what
  • verification of address – all members must live in Noordhoek. Requires a process