Creating extra-ordinary local experiences – bringing people and place together.

Our home area is one of the most beautiful in the world – and most troubled by the legacy of apartheid. Spatial segregation and the pain of inequality are visible to us every day. It’s built into the layout of our neighbourhoods and the lack of contact, and understanding, between communities.

It would be nice to think that over time a natural process of social de-segregation will occur between the communities of Noordhoek, Masi, Sun Valley, Ocean View, Kommetjie and beyond… But without active efforts to help this process, inequality and separation will remain the norm.

The Borderlands Public Arts Project is a unique home-grown initiative that creates events that allow people from across the Far South to connect, create, discuss and explore together. Our events take place in the ‘borderlands’ between communities – mountains, beaches, shopping malls, wetlands and community centres – anywhere that is publicly accessible and open to all.

In 2018 we ran the Border Walks series, Borderlands Youth Program and Festival – we’re already engaged with over 750 people from the Far South!

The Project aims to create welcoming, exploratory, creative experiences. Through these we can start conversations that matter. Issues such as safety, inequality, housing, accessibility and the health of our natural environment affect us all in different ways. Borderlands aims to bring a range of voices to the discussion and give you the opportunity to watch, listen, engage, connect and encounter the power of art, co-created with your neighbours.

But what do we mean by art?

Borderlands works with artists who use all forms and media: performance, sculpture, painting, photography, dance, music and more. Conversation can also be an art! Whatever it takes to express, move, share and transform. And often our guests and facilitators come from other backgrounds – ecologists, journalists, foragers, researchers – helping us look at the place we live in from their perspectives.

There is place for everybody in the borderlands 🙂

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And keep an eye out for our Summer season of public events – we’ll be letting you know WHATS ON right here on the Noordhoek Hub!