Satori Athletics Club was officially born in January 2006. The name ‘Satori’ refers to a Japanese state of harmonious balance between mind, body and emotions.

The Wednesday evening five kilometre time trial is the central club sporting event of the week. Those not yet bitten by the running bug can join the walkers group, while children are an integral part of the club – there is always a parent watching over them. Once the time trial is over, its time to chill. Sipping a post-run beer or cider with friends while watching the summer sun go down over the Atlantic is idyllic.

Satorians can also be found gathered around braai fires at the Oasis several times a year, and occasionally dancing under the stars to a superb selection of music.

In the end however, Satori is about the pure joy of running. Members come in all shapes and sizes and assorted fitness levels.