A handful of parents who don’t take their privilege for granted have started a soccer club open to all at Noordhoek Sports Fields. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Noordhoek FC now boasts the most integrated soccer club of the Southern Peninsula. Their first home game on Saturday 8 May 2010 prompted some wonder. “I have never seen so many people pitch up to support and watch football” Says Joey.Members are actively taught to respect women and greet all parents they see. Refreshingly, race is not an issue in the mix of high and low (or no) income brackets.
The club is running on the goodwill and out-of-pocket funding from some of the parents and organiser’s pockets, but it’s no hand-out. Players have to prove themselves, the rules are real ones that will stand them in good stead regardless of the professions or trades they take up in the future: earn your merits, pitch for training, train hard, be there regularly. According to the coaches, the commitment from the children is remarkable; especially when you appreciate that some walk all the way from their homes to practise in the rain.
“The most exciting thing about building a new club is that you’re a part of history, [it’s] an opportunity to offer our kids somewhere safe to play away from computers and play stations, and for those who remain with us will hopefully see their children and grandchildren come through our ranks.” we want to build a tradition that has deep meaning ” says Joey