Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) is an action group that aims to protect and improve the Noordhoek environment: physical, natural and social. Our concern is the place in which we live (and beyond it) and all the environmental qualities that make life better for all of us. NEAG protects and preserves the indigenous flora, fauna, wild life, marine life and ecological systems of the natural environment of Noordhoek.

We promote a holistic and mutually beneficial interaction between the human population of Noordhoek and the area’s natural environment; for the benefit of all the residents of Noordhoek, and the residents of the areas known as the Noordhoek Valley and its environs as well as visitors to these areas.

How do we do this?
We are a volunteer organisation that works with locals and local organisations to monitor what happens or is likely to happen in Noordhoek, especially as concerns the natural environment. We then act to achieve our aims, whether physically (beach clean-ups, removal of alien vegetation, etc) or via the relevant authorities (liaison with SANPARKS, compiling comments and/or objections to inappropriate developments, etc.).

How we help each other?
Become a member: your support is valuable to us. Get involved: if a particular environmental matter concerns you, let us help you to get it sorted out. NEAG is a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) and PBO (Public Benefit Organisation). The latter means that any donations you make to NEAG are tax-deductible.

What have we achieved?
Since NEAG started in the 1980s, we have led or been involved in all sorts of environmental issues, from alien-clearing to commenting on very many development proposals. NEAG has submitted to the city many comments on, and objections to, proposals for developments in the valley. These comments are prepared in consultation with other people and organisations and have ameliorated, or sometimes helped to stop, inappropriate developments.

In August 2012 NEAG won the WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) Western cape regional award for our “tenacious struggle over many years to preserve the natural qualities of Noordhoek and its surrounds for the benefit of all by forthrightly confronting inappropriate, sometimes illegal developments, engaging closely with planning regulations and encouraging public participation in the many projects that help harmonise natural systems and human activity in an inspiring way”.

Development pressures are steadily increasing and those who value the Noordhoek environment should find out what is going on and get involved.

Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) – NPO Registration Number 006-538 PBO Registration Number 9771758142