As one travels over the top of Ou Kaapse Weg there is a stretch of road where mobile phone signal is non-existent. Unplugged from the world behind, all you are left with is your wandering thoughts, a meandering mountain road, the sound of the wind and breathtaking views of Silvermine reserve. Welcome home.

Noordhoek Unplugged is our manifesto, the poem that reminds us why we choose to live where we do. To nurture and protect this unique quality we developed the following ideas.

Early Victories

  • Mountain Bike Route
  • Noordhoek Beach & Mountain Triathlon
  • Winter surfing destination
  • Guide to our ‘Wild Neighbours’ (Birding Hide, Urban Caracals…)
  • Map Walkways
  • Signs

Game Changers

  • Noordhoek Unplugged Music, arts, food, wine, craft beer, sporting, yoga, horse & beach events across the Valley (1st Sunday?)
  • Yearly market/exhibition on the Common
  • Unplugged routes for cyclists, walkers
  • A new beach route for horses & pedestrians
  • Electric/pedal tuk-tuks for intra Noordhoek travel & deliveries