Seabirds in distress
Oct 19, 2017 @ 10:36

Seabirds in distress – contact details

This is to let you know that three of us living in Kommetjie have joined the SANCCOB team of first responders, dealing with reports of sea birds (sea birds only) in distress.

We’re focusing on the coast from Scarborough to Noordhoek.

As we are volunteers, we attend birds as and when we are available – we’re not on permanent call, but we help whenever we can.

For your records, we are:

Lindsey Macdonald 076 215 9848
John Macdonald 076 903 1809
Mel Gouws 082 417 6613.

I have attached a poster with the correct public phone numbers for people to report sea birds (turtles or seals) in distress, for your use.

Kind regards

Lindsey Macdonald

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