Straws Suck
Nov 1, 2017 @ 14:02

Straws Suck – A Single Use Plastic Alternatives Project (SUPA)

“A moment on the lips – a lifetime on the planet.”

Straws! That crazy, destructive invention habitually dished out in restaurants. Like other single use plastic items, straws are usually used only once, but live forever in wastefills. Straws, and other single use plastic items, are clogging our landfills and turning our oceans into plastic soup.

What’s it about?

The original STRAWS SUCK campaign was started in 2016 by Karoline Hanks, Nicola Jenkin, Marike Colyn and Belinda Ashton. It aims to reduce Noordhoek’s single use plastic items including straws, shopping bags, take away coffee cups and lids, and tinfoil. Not only does this achieve reduction in plastic, but it creates jobs for people in Masi who are making the alternative fresh produce bags.

What’s been achieved so far?

Ellies Deli, Monkey Valley, Red Herring and most of the Farm Village restaurants are on board with paper straws and some are already using compostable biodegradable take-away packaging.

Well done to those restaurants and individuals who are contributing to the 2030 vision through taking this seriously!

What next for SUPA?

Karoline isn’t stopping, and is also targeting the food outlets at the malls and the two Oceans Marathon to get them to use alternatives to plastic water sachets

Every bit helps

Karoline says “When ordering a drink simply say “NO STRAW PLEASE“. If you see lots of straws being handed out, find the manager and speak out. Rattle the cage.”

  • Say NO to plastic straws and increase awareness
  • Buy SUPA bags (made from curtain drop off-cuts – by people in Masi) for your fresh produce
  • Get re-usable beeswax wraps to replace cling-wrap and tinfoil
  • Give some of your time to help Karoline approach restaurants and spread the word

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