Vision 2030 Feedback
Oct 24, 2017 @ 9:39

It has been a busy and exciting few weeks for the Noordhoek 2030 team.

We moderated 25 small discussion groups (with an average turnout of 10 people per group).
Our Interceptors questioned 368 people at various venues in and around Noordhoek.
We spent 2 days analysing information.
We moderated a Meeting of the Minds where 50+ representatives from the 25 discussion groups, our interceptors and the NRPA EXCO workshopped the analysed information.

NRPA 2030 CommunicationAttached are most of the slides from the presentation we gave at that meeting.

Each goal has relating Early Victories and Game Changers, but as these still need to be fine-tuned, they are not included for now.

The goals are:

  • Be Good Neighbours (in and outside Noordhoek – have conversations that matter)
  • Get an approved Spatial Development Plan for Noordhoek
  • Tread Lightly (sustainability, environment, Food, Energy & Water, connectivity)
  • Encourage a Circular Economy (buy, sell and develop in the Valley)
  • Harness the Horses (for job creation, retention of green space, pathways)
  • Noordhoek Unplugged (Slow down, unplug to recharge, good art, music, food, sport.)

The next step is that the NRPA EXCO will apply itself to understanding which of these Early Victories (3-4 per goal) and Game Changers (1-2 per goal) are feasible (can they be done?) and viable (do we have the resources to do them?) This process is going to take us 3 months. We will then communicate, via email, general meetings and presentations to specific interest groups.

We have been encouraged by the positive energy and discussion this process has prompted. Thanks to those of you who participated and those who volunteered to take notes. Thanks to those who allowed us to use venues for free. Thanks to those who helped organise events and those who supported them. Thanks to the children who submitted artwork, poems and essays and to those who donated prizes. Thanks to those who helped fund the process. Thanks too to our moderators and interceptors who got excited with us about what is possible in our valley.

NRPA EXCO and 2030 Team

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